Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why Peace Is Vital For Success ?

The truth of a person can never be hidden. No matter how much a person tries to disguise his/her inner beliefs, still the truth will always surface. To be more specific, say you are a customer and the salesperson (who is of a different race or religion than you) is trying to convince you to buy a product. Despite the way he/she speaks to you or smiles at you, the feeling you get will be determined by the salesperson's inner beliefs. If he/she does not discriminate against anyone based on religion, race, ethnicity, color, weight, appearance, etc. then you will get a comfortable feeling while conversing with that salesperson. However, if that salesperson's true inner beliefs upholds discrimination you will get an uncomfortable feeling and most likely choose not to do business with that person, regardless of whatever deal he/she proposes.

If you want to ensure good client customer relationship as well as business to business, you must first clean yourself from free hatred and from all thoughts of discriminations. In truth, we are all equal, we are all descendants of Adam and Eve. Peaceful thoughts about others will cause people to feel good around you and accept what you have to offer them.

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